Sujeong English Ministry 2012

Jeonju Is Ready For Harvest

In June of 2012 I arrived in Jeonju with great expectation to partner with God's people in this land. Upon arriving and experiencing the worship services and evaluating the impact being made my heart became heavy. I was expecting this great power house and this great Kingdom structure that brings lasting change, only to experience the total opposite. Day and Night I began to ask God for open doors to release His presence and fresh life in this city. Not knowing when my prayer was going to be answered, but in one month my prayer was manifested. Upon walking home from the gym, I ran into a old friend and through this one divine connection Sujeong English Church was launched 2 months later. With only the desire to see a city transformed and a complete yes deep down in my heart this journey began. Prayer, fasting, and releasing the Presence of God through a sound has been the fabric and dna of this ministry. We have seen God touch, speak, and heal so many people over these 3 years that it has truly been a blessing.  We are not only grateful but consider it a blessing and honor to be used of God in such a way. Sujeong Church is a testimony and a sign of what God can do when we surrender our whole hearts to Him and partner with His heart, plan, and desire for where ever we are. 



With a population of over 600,000 people, we believe this city is truly ripe and ready for harvest. Individuals from Africa, China, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Pakistan, England, and even the United States, are all living in this great city teaching English and studying abroad. The nations of the earth are sitting at our front door and ready to be birthed into the Kingdom of God. I truly believe this is a divine window of opportunity for the one and only King Jesus to shine forth. 


Church Planting & Prayer Planting 101



The Heart of God for His Church 

Jesus says in Matthew 16:18  after speaking to Peter these profound words, "Upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hedes (hell) shall not prevail. Through this statement Jesus was saying that His Church is not only to be built, but it is to be built on revelation. Peter's realization came from the Spirit of God, not from his fleshly thoughts. Jesus was simply telling us that we must build upon the revelation that is shown and revealed to us. How?  Through His Holy Spirit as we read His holy word. 


Beloved, the 21st century Church is a powerful force where ever it is established in the world. It is only powerful when we began to receive revelation from the Holy Spirit on what we should be doing while we reside where we are. But, we also become powerless when we try to do things in our own strength and intellect apart from God's Holy Spirit. God's Church is a powerful, loving, and life transforming body who focuses on one thing: His Heart. Through understanding who we are as His children and taking our rightful place in our Father's Kingdom, we are able to anything. The plan and answers come from Heaven through revelation of His word. As we read and live our lives in obedience to God's word we can change the world. But until then we will just be a people who carry the name of Christ but not the weight of Christ. Beloved we desperately need the Father's heart to manifest in His Church this very hour. 



"Jesus must be exalted"

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