JHOP- Prayer Launch


Jeonju House of Prayer - Jeonju, South Korea 


In March of 2015 JHOP was launched, and is currently preparing to hold multiple prayer sets all through out the week for the city of Jeonju. This JHOP vison of Night and Day Prayer began in our hearts over two years ago, and is now manifesting into reality. We believe JHOP will be a catalyst that awakens hearts, minds, and churches to the reality of passionate intercession combined with whole hearted worship. With these two components combined with rooted biblical declarations, we are certain that it will produce heavenly results that glorifies Jesus Christ. We also believe that this is not another neat or cool idea of man, but that this is truly God's idea rooted in His word.


We are asking all our partners to please pray for the JHOP community as we labour and contend as prayer revivalist in this great land.  




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