A Generation Called To Prayer 

 We are convinced that the state of our culture and church is in desperate need of a spiritual awakening. An awakening that will bring back the church to a true apostolic witness. Beloved, not just any witness but a witness that will help bring millions out of the darkness and into God’s marvelous light. Today we believe this call to prayer is greater than it has ever been in History of mankind. Beloved we must respond and no longer wait for the hour because the hour has now come.

A New Breed of Intercessors

One of the main things the Lord is doing on the earth right now is igniting open hearts and establishing them as Houses of Prayer. These are radical worshippers that give themselves to prayer to prophesy the Word of the Lord. This marriage of prayer and worship, has started a movement of  what we call 24/7 Prayer. Today, God is not only establishing Houses of Prayer all over the earth. But He is also infusing cultures of prayer in our local churches, that will act as catalysts for transformational change. Beloved, this is the picture of a new breed of intercessors for the end times. 


 Mardi Gras, New Orleans - February 22-25


 On February 22nd we will be traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets. We will be with about 100 bible school students from Christ for the Nations, and we truly believe there will be a mighty Harvest of Souls as a result of this ministry time. 

Andhra Pradesh, India - March 2020

 In March we will be traveling to India to empower 80,000- 90,000 local church leaders, and youth  ministers for the work of the ministry. We will be bringing the Word of the Lord to this Nation and believing for great Harvest. 

Greater Glory Harvest Tour 2020

April 2020 - Sri Lanka 

May 2020- Brazil 

July 2020- Bermuda 


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